A Christmas calendar full with kindness

Bild på lucka

Open number 24

Bild på lucka

24. Thank you for all your kindness.

During the last 24 days you have been spreading extra kindness and made the world a little bit better. Remember that kind gestures always are needed and belong in your everyday life. Thank you for contributing to kinder world without bullying!

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Christmas should be about pine cones, fairy lights and togetherness. About affection and warmth, which is created by all of us, together. A kind gesture can mean a lot; it can be the first step towards breaking the boundaries between people, or simply to let someone in.

This is why we created Snällkalendern, or The Kindness Calendar; a Christmas calendar that challenge you to do a kind deed every day, until Christmas Eve.

Why we made The Kindness Calendar

Together against bullying

Nikki och Didrik

The Kindness Calendar is a private good will initiative by Didrik and Nikki, where all of the surplus (gains minus print costs) goes to Friends and their work to end bullying.

We would love to see your kind deeds and appreciate it if you share them with us by #thekindnesscalendar.

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60 000 children are bullied every year in Sweden. These are children who wake up every morning fearing what will happen in school. These are children that are being deprived of their childhood. These are children whose safety is stolen from them. Children who in some cases even take their own lives. Friends mission is to change this. Friends educates preschools, elementary schools, high schools and sport clubs so they can prevent bullying. All of the surplus from the sales of Snällkalendern goes to the goal of creating a safe upbringing for children and adolescents, free from bullying and discrimination.